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Seed Crackers – Raw

This is such a busy time of year on the farm, then again when isn't it?! So we've been doing a lot of crockpot meals, [...]

Thai Red Curry Stew – Slow Cooked

Made up a batch of this Thai Red Curry Stew for the family dinner yesterday and it was a huge hit. Thought you might enjoy [...]

Frittatas – Easy Seasonal Master Recipe

  The master frittata recipe below is from the welcome spring dinner earlier this week. And yes I'm spoiled because I get to go collect [...]

The Power Of Your Words

Words; how can these things made up of letters contain so much power?? And yet they do. The words we use to talk about ourselves, [...]

Cucumber Tomato Dill Salad

I posted this recipe on the EpicSelf.com blog originally when I was here in July last year. I woke up craving it this morning so [...]

Egg-free Scramble Done Three Different Ways

For those of you who miss eggs in the morning, here’s a great egg-free scramble recipe for you; and for anyone else looking for variety [...]

Lentil Stew

I'm in beautiful Manual Antonio, Costa Rica sitting in my favorite cafe, enjoying the breeze and posting up this recipe for the students of the [...]

Bacteria Are Your Friends

(Originally Posted on September 9, 2014) For many years now much focus has been placed on anti-bacterial this or that. This morning, I was delighted [...]

Mushroom Dumplings In Broth

I made this delightful soup during the holidays and wow, it turned out far beyond my expectations! The dumplings are a little bit of work [...]

Gingerbread Paleo Muffins

Gingerbread! Suddenly I was seeing all these beautiful gingerbread people and muffins and houses all over the other day and decided I needed some. Since [...]