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Frequently Asked Questions is the best quality free video conferencing site. Head over there now to sign up on Skype and Google + are backup options but the quality is not as good.

Once you have purchased a coaching package, signed up for Zoom, and added me to your contacts, we will setup what day and times work best for your schedule. I will accommodate your schedule based on my availability.

Suspendisse ornare iaculis auctor. Nunc placerat pellentesque tortor eu vehicula. In non magna mollis, sodales metus id, rhoncus elit. Mauris vulputate, tellus in viverra condimentum, metus diam lobortis leo, eu viverra justo elit elementum augue. Suspendisse efficitur maximus tellus quis faucibus. Nam non nunc quis risus tempor dapibus. is my gift of free information for you, but working with a professional who designs a nutrition and healing program for your unique self is the best investment in your health. Health is the only wealth. Instead of paying thousands in hospital bills later on when you are sick, while feeling sub par in the meantime, it is an investment in prevention and living vibrantly in the present. Think also of the time, energy and cost savings of not having to run to an appointment; just jump on your computer or smart device and we’re good to go.

I’ve also created the Live Vibrantly Academy where you’ll find options for online DIY programs. In these programs you’ll learn the foundational elements of what I teach in my private coaching along with recipes, guidelines and more. These programs are a great way for you to get started on your path to your most vibrant self.

Head on over there now to check them out!

Go to Live Vibrantly Academy

Absolutely. Where ever you have a computer or smart device, internet connection, webcam and microphone you can meet with me. Whether that’s home, the office, or in a hotel room in Bora Bora. That is the beauty of technology.
You will meet with me for an hour initially on the first consult to discuss intake questions, your goals, intentions and map out the sessions and coaching to follow. I offer my advice and support as you navigate your own path to living vibrantly and healing yourself. This is your time to ask questions, get inspired and learn all the life skills you need to create your best self.