It’s rare to find a nutritionist that will take the time to look at every aspect of your health and life, design a program that addresses so many areas of complexity, then continue to monitor every step with deep devotion to make sure your life will adapt this path for healing and excellent health in the years to come. Johanna never gave up especially when I would lose motivation. She came to my home and cooked with me and for me as I watched and learned how to adapt to this way of life. In doing so, I have been able to heal some exasperating health challenges that plagued me for years. In my 65th year I am healthier, more alive and ready to face the coming years of maturing when most are dreading it. I look forward to living vibrantly into my golden years taking my last breath with grace and because it’s just time! Thank you my dear Johanna for taking this beautiful path to teach us this vibrant way to live our lives.

Rebecca Love
“I found out about the Breeze Through Menopause program via a post on a friend’s Facebook page. I am a breast cancer survivor who is in menopause due to the preventative meds I take (tomaxefen) and have struggled with hot flashes and weight gain. I found the program easy to incorporate into my daily life thanks to the shopping lists and recipes. It was extremely helpful having it broken down into breakfast, dinner and lunch each week. During the three weeks I was following the program, my hot flashes decreased and I lost 8lbs!”
Andrea, Summer Breeze Through Menopause Program, 2014
“During my 41 years in health care, dating back to medical school, I have been fortunate and privileged to have been exposed to great teachers, clinicians and speakers. In addition, I have moderated educational programs and lectured as well. There are key ingredients to a successful speaker/teacher/practitioner. These include expertise (knowledge and experience), authenticity (deep belief in the validity of your topic) and passion (excitement that is transmitted to your intended audience). Johanna displays a natural and perfect blend of all of these qualities and much more. She transfixed my patients with her knowledge and passion for the health benefits of her nutritional guidelines. I have sponsored several lecture series on a wide range of topics over the last several years. No speaker was more widely received and embraced than Johanna. The best barometer as to the success of a speaker is the number of questions that surface in the Q & A after the talk. Johanna was bombarded with questions which I had to cut off due to time constraints! Many of the attendees subsequently shared what they immediately adopted in their diets as a result of her talk and their perceived benefits. Johanna is the quintessential professional with a passion for her field and the wellness of all people she touches.”

Dominick A. Curatola M.D. F.A.C.C.
“Few weeks ago, all of a sudden, I noticed a change in my daily energy level. I would wake up with a puffy face and a bloated stomach. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong in my diet. I eat pretty healthy in general. The situation was not getting better. I called Johanna Thorn for some advice, she told me since she couldn’t get a full picture of what I am doing wrong, I should start with the three day reboot cleanse, and that it won’t hurt to start there. Guess what, I feel amazing after 3 days, it started by reduction of stomach bloating, more energy and it was a motivation for me to pay attention to what I eat. It has been great since then. Thank you Johanna for helping reset my digestive system. I recommend all of us to start with this 3 day reboot cleanse. If nothing it will put you on the right path to recovering a better health.”
Fattah Abbou
Johanna is the most positive person I know and brings that attitude with her into her coaching. Her nutrition teachings are solidly based in what’s good for everyone; people, earth, and all living creatures. She will create a customized nutrition program tailored for individual success, and her positive attitude will make it a fun experience and see you all the way through to a healthier you.
Katarina Köster
“In the fall of 2011, Johanna’s father found out he had colon cancer. We immediately told Jo and she got on to it right away. She came up from California and stayed a month with us. Dec.01, 2011 was our 60th wedding anniversary. Dec.09 Chuck, (her father) had his surgery. All went well. His recovery was so remarkable even with 6 months of chemo. Jo used a combination of food and herbal support for him. All the three doctors involved, the family doctor, the surgeon, the oncologist were amazed. All said “”Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. It works.”” Today at 85 he is still cancer free and has amazing energy…Thanks to our caring daughter, Johanna.

I personally have not had good health most of my life, even being told I have MS. Last summer I started having stomach troubles. I ate Tums and other things to no avail but didn’t tell Jo. I had been on prescription painkillers for a few years. Finally the family doctor said I should stop as my kidneys were slowing down. I had acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and was down to 85 pounds from 112 pounds. Now Jo took over. Again she used a combination of food and herbal support. She also encouraged acupuncture and massage which I started doing weekly. As of this time in July 2015 I am up to 91 pounds, introducing more and more foods into my diet and feeling so much better. My kidney values on recent lab work showed improvement from 51-70 in just one month. Our family doctor could not believe it. Very impressed with Johanna he is. Again he said “”Whatever you are doing, keep it up. It works.”” Thank you my dear Johanna. Love Mom”

Irene Thorn
“Johanna helped me adjust my diet and opened my eyes to the benefits of good nutrition when I was struggling with arthritis. I explained my issues to Johanna, she listened well, and with the guidance she gave I made significant changes to the way that I eat. Then over a period of 6 months I actually managed to push my arthritis into remission on nutritional changes alone. Johanna is a great nutritionist and this is a very easy recommendation to make.”
John Fry
“As a wellness coach and integrated body therapist I can say that Johanna’s work is top notch, professional, and best of all, gets results. Her knowledge, caring and depth of understanding of the body, nutrients, and physiology is very impressive. Her coaching me personally has improved my energy, the way I shop, how I treat my body, and definitely taken me to the next level of optimal health. It IS easy and simple; it is NOT a diet or drudgery. I will continue to follow through with her and happily refer my clients.”
Warren Angelo, I.B.T, C.W.C
“Johanna provided me with the deepest dive personal nutrition plan I have ever had. She coupled her intricate knowledge of how nutrition impacts personal systems biology with my current eating habits and lifestyle to come up with a highly actionable and achievable set of recommendations. I would particularly recommend Johanna if you are already highly conscious of your health and wellness, and want someone to help you optimize.”
Zak Holdsworth
“When I came to see Johanna I had been experiencing menopausal bloat and “brain fog.” Her nutritional and lifestyle recommendations were easy to follow. Within 4 weeks, my symptoms had disappeared, I had lost 8 pounds, and I felt great! I have kept up with these habits and remained energized and balanced. I highly recommend Johanna!”
Jean Sibley